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Why us? Why now?

We were disillusioned by the news cycle.

We wanted to know more about the background of issues to give context to the headlines that we were reading every day. For example why is immigration so hotly contested? When did the first immigration bill get passed? Why? What are the arguments now? What are the bills now? What do people say on the left, right and center? These are questions we had.

So we started The Venn. Our team picks an issue each week and curates an easy to read newsletter that breaks it down in a five minute read. We also give you a few podcasts so if you are an auditory learner or just want to dive deeper you have that option. Its an easy to use package that gives you what you need to know on the topic. You can delve into some of the issues we have done today under the Previous Issues tab.

We don’t care where you lean politically. We just want to be more informed and hope you will take this journey with us.

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Understand the issues.

Understand the news.