Financial Times 

3rd May 2019

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“Last month US politics publishing venture,, got off the ground. Today sees the site’s fourth curated podcasts newsletter (on inequality) published.”



13th May 2019

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“Their goal is for The Venn to become the go-to resource for people who want a genuinely non-partisan place to learn about political issues.”



13th May 2019

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“A new podcast recommendation newsletter for US politics, The Venn , a non-partisan selection of the three best podcasts.”


24th June 2019

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The Venn, a non-partisan podcast recommendation newsletter around the 2020 US elections, are redesigning their newsletter this week to focus more on their deep-dive topics.”



25th June 2019

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“There are more podcasts out there than you could ever try, but most of them are crap, or just aren’t your thing. How do you find the good stuff? …You can pile up the recs with these free podcast recommendation newsletters: The Venn (politics shows)…”


Political Wire

25th June 2019

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“This week’s prime-time Democratic debates mark the entry point for millions of Americans who are just now tuning into a contest that will dominate news coverage for the next 16 months…The Venn: A debate night cheat sheet.”

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